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The Useful Art Of Making Effective Plans, And How It Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Thinking, Organization, Ability to “foresee” the future.
These are all needed and useful things you should take in consideration when making a plan.

But becoming a careful planner can serve you in multiple ways.

Let me give you some pointers on HOW to formulate a good plan.

Before we begin though, we need to dispel a Myth.
And that is that planning it’s something accessible only to geniuses or high-IQ freaks – It’s not.

Even your average Joe it’s capable of mindblowing feats, if he only sets his mind to it.

So, what do you need to be able to make a good, effective Plan?


I’ve just came up with this term – cool right? Purposeful Thinking it’s divided in two areas : Brainstorming & Analyzing.

Brainstorming it’s pretty self-explanatory,
Either with others or yourself is the discussion to produce new ideas or solve problems.

Analyzing includes : The Pros & Cons of that specific thought\idea, the efficiency of it. (Is it doable? does it costs me much resources, aka time, money, endeavor – what do i gain or lose from it, how can you tackle potential problems? ecc…)

Ask yourself this:


And write ’em down. IT’S CRUCIAL.

The Alignment with your goals: Is it something that naturally flows for you and the place you want to reach? this may be a little vague but hear me out,

It’s those little things and details that make you say: “That’s exactly how i imagined for it to go” basically, the compatibility with YOUR SITUATION In relation to your Goal.


While it’s COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to achieve things on your own,

ESPECIALLY For bigger goals, having a group of carefully selected people, it’s advised.

These people MUST :

  • Be Trustworthy individuals (You don’t want snitches, backstabbers or people who lack values or morals)
  • Be specialized in something. (Variety makes good teams – You need unique individuals that bring in some VALUE that’ll help long-term.)
  • Not be fazed by hardships and challenges – aka they need to be tough.
  • NOT be toxic\negative people (they complain, bring others down, they see problems and not solutions, ecc..)


Too much thinking can be good or bad.

Thinking needs to be coupled with Action,
You can’t think of things and expect to manifest themselves, period 😀

You need to put in act all that careful thinking – hard work, perseverance, MOMENTUM & SPEED.

Once your plan is formulated it’s time to execute the “steps” that i previously mentioned – in coordination with your team, or alone.

Having a map that tells you where to go is great, but if you do not actually walk it’s useless right?

So do whatever you need to do to reach the next step, you should have already in mind the sequence of actions you’ll take, some examples\ideas you could use:

  • Make powerful connections.
  • Do paperwork/grinding stuff (contacting clients, putting in “the work” needeed for a specific business or whatever)
  • Gain Useful Assets.
  • Gain support from people.
  • Invest money in high ROI stuff (Return on investment) so things that benefit you long-term ecc…

Tell me what you think about this article in the comment, and IF it has helped you!

Take care.

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Feedback Is Always Appreciated!

Hello there Followers! 😀

This is more of an “engaging” post (even though i’d love you engage in normal posts as well lol)

Quick question:
Why are you following me?
Do you EVEN like my usual posts?



What would you like me to talk about that might interest you? (in my area of “expertise” i mean- so : Fitness, Dating\Relationships, Success, Business, Masculinity ecc..)

I would really appreciate some feedback as it will help me delivering you even better content to help you, and interest you.


These 2 Overlooked Things Are Stopping You From Reaching Your True Potential, HURRY Before It's Too Late.


Your self-limiting beliefs that you have carried throughout all your life.

You need to break off those shackles, thoughts like: “I can’t do this”, “That’s just how life is”, “Others have it better”, “Oh, they were just lucky, i have bad luck” NEED TO GO.



Your Past.

Whatever might have happened, realize that YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES.

You can change.
You can bury the past.
You can build a better future.

Remember that as humans we need to keep changing, be adaptable – without letting life weigh on us.


So i’ve recently injured myself while working out, and as you may or may not know i’m on a quest to find and develop everlasting TRUE STRENGTH. And this has never happened, not even once throughout all these years but i think this is a needed setback that’ll help me in this journey.

And what i want you to take back from this is to not remain stuck in the pit.

You see, challenges and hardships are meant to be faced and then learn something from them- that’s why life showers you with these. And call me crazy but…the more challenges\hardships you get, the more aspects of your life are in dire need of improvement.

That’s just life’s way to tell you where and what to focus.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to feel sad and overwhelmed- i know i was, when i couldn’t train and this whole matter kept hindering my progress.

And this applies to every aspect of life when you feel defeated and broken.

Feel the pain, grieve, but NEVER GIVE IN.

Because mustering the strength and the courage to be true to your life, your aspirations and goals it’s a skill you need to develop, especially when going through mud.

One of the “tricks” i use to be able to adapt to sudden rush of stress and tension is to willingly put myself in stressful and hard situations. And while that might be common knowledge, it does wonders.

And the reason is simple:
Your body becomes familiar with those uncomfortable feelings over time, so that the next time you find yourself in those kind of situations it knows how to act accordingly and appropriately.

Iron is forged through fire, after all.

6 Ways To Let Success Find You Faster (Without Relying On Luck)

Success, unlike the majority of people believes- it’s not created by blind luck, instead- success it’s the result of a series of (usually good) decisions that compound together. More specifically, these decisions are also heavily “sticked to” habits that one might have imposed on itself, in order to succeed. Here’s some:


This may seem obvious, but isn’t to some. How’s your future supposed to benefit from you getting wasted? It doesn’t – it makes you unhealthy, pitiful and WEAK. Ditch the booze, it’s not helping you. You’ll thank me once you don’t even have a drop of alcohol in your body.


I’m guilty of this, too. Listen, i love videogames – but you have to realize that you’re losing 8 hours a day “working” towards nothingness. How come you can focus for that much time while leveling up your character on World Of Warcraft, and then when it comes to doing something that can actually put you in a better position (Working out, building that business, finishing that paper ecc…) you get flustered within the first 3 minutes? I mean, what the hell. And that applies to mindlessly scrolling through social media\Youtube – too. What are you, a drug addict? you don’t need to check that fucking stuff so much, Twice a day it’s enough – START FOCUSING, TIME DOESN’T COME BACK.


Who doesn’t believe in you,
The News,
Porn, (that can count as procrastinating)
People who talk the talk but haven’t walked the walk,
Who no longer serves anything in your life,
What society says.


Do nothing and you will get nothing. In order to success to find you, you need to put yourself between OPPORTUNITIES – that means that you have to recognize, analyze and then take chances that are presented to you- make some dust, create connections with people, take that job if you think you can use it as a stepping stone, do something you didn’t think you could do or that you deem “out of reach” or out of your capabilities. You see money flowing from somewhere? JUMP INTO THE STREAM, and see how you can gain from it. What i’m trying to say it’s that you have to be action-oriented. Because by doing, something always come back – Every action causes a reaction.


This is aimed more towards men, but it can be generalized, and it’s pretty self explanatory. Instead of losing time chasing women and what’s between their legs, focus on your passion, your purpose – your life. Fix it, because as you are now you’re not ready to get in a relationship, you’ll get your heart broken without understanding why, and you really don’t have that kind of time, do you? you’ll see that as the more you build yourself, women will come by themselves, and not some low quality ones that go sleep around with everyone. And the more important lesson from this is : MORE TIME FOR YOU TO BUILD YOURSELF.


Of what everyone does, because you will not achieve success by doing what everyone else is doing. You HAVE to be the exception, the 1% – because success it’s not found in “being normal”, success only follows the extraordinary, the ones who dare to shoot not for the Moon, but for Saturn.
Innovate. Make the old obsolete by building something new. Concentrate on your strengths while polishing your weaknesses.

Because by doing what the majority does, you will achieve that majority’s results.

If you liked this post please tell me what you think about it, and what are some other ways you are finding working for you.

Take care.

A Very Proper Introduction.

You know what time it is. Yeah it’s like some formal thing YOU HAVE to do at some point, so i’m doing this now that my following isn’t big. (Yeah, because it will be huge at some point).

And as you might have get, i’m a pretty modest guy, i admit.
But hey, come on, that was a joke 😀

…or was it?

I’m not really used to talk in a very “personal” way, i try to be detached most of the times so i can give you- in my opinion- the most objective and foolproof ways to actually think about life and handle it.

This is me, V – nice to make your acquaintance.

Yup, that person right there wanted to start this blog as a way to …blog? and condense his experiences and thoughts on certain things, Success & Masculinity first and foremost – so they can be somewhat of use to you. Because i know I needed someone to point me in the right direction at some point in life, and i feel somebody like past-me would have certainly taken benefit from it.

That person is also Italian, so you might find his english NOT THE BEST and you have to deal with it. It’s very rough and formless….you know, just to be artistic.

I’m into Healthy living\fitness.
Martial arts,
Business & Money Making ,
Videogames, yup.

NO. I’m not going to put fu**ing Travel because EVERYONE LOVES TO TRAVEL. IT’S NOT AN INTEREST.

And, being from Calabria – i love my spicy food. (That’s a region from south-Italy, y’all!)

I don’t really am a person that talks much about himself, so consider this kind of thing as a rarity, or whatever. Not that i have any reason not to, i’m great.


The plan i have for this blog doesn’t fall too much into the personal area, as i already mentioned. but i don’t know- if you like this kind of stuff maybe i could make an exception from time to time.

What about YOU though? i’ve seen a spike in my follower’s numbers lately and i want to know more about you, and why you clicked that follow button on me, any questions you’d like to ask? But more importantly, HOW can i help you with the things i’m talking about? ;D

Let’s connect.

Ah, and nice to meet you too.

Growth Is Found Where You Least Expect it.

Growing it’s an unavoidable part of all human beings, and even other creatures. Someone though might find itself not being able to make progress, constantly playing the same tune all over again for all its life.

Whether it’s because of past events that triggered fear and forged the bad habit to stick with what’s familiar – or be it the complete absence of the desire to do so, it’s known that it’s not unusual to find that spark while traversing pain and hardships, since they’re the best teachers you could find.

But growth can be experienced through other means, too.

While inspired,
Through simple anger,
By someone else’s words,

You name it.

We just need to know what we’re looking for, and why not- even stare intensely at something which we’d never though could teach us that something. Yes, that’s the hard part – because if we don’t know for sure that a thing could benefit us- we would never even consider it.

Think about it: so many opportunities gone, just because you didn’t want to see them.
And don’t get it wrong, i’m guilty of it, too.

That’s why i think that being present and mindful when going through life could spare you countless headaches and regrets. You can start by simply REALLY listening to the ones you’re talking to, or to your body for example.

Actually PUT EFFORT in what you’re doing, in living – that’s the key.

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