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Are You Ashamed To Be A Man? Consider Owning It Instead.

Society’s warped ideas don’t apply to you.

Their distortion of what a man should be makes you sick and makes you wonder where we’re coming to.

And that’s understandable.

The reason of this is because you still have values and standards, something they don’t have.

You realize that being a Man it’s not easy, it’s not something you can really explain, is it?

After all, we don’t have it easy since the day we’re born.

And that’s how it should be.
Embrace the pain, the discomfort, for that is how we thrive.

A man doesn’t look for attention,
Nor recognition.

A man is a silent mountain that carries the ones he loves,
Weathers the cutting gales,
While doing what’s right and just
Stands up with pride.

Don't You Lose Your Spark, And Your Will To Live.

This is a shorter, yet “more inspired” heartfelt, post.

This post is for everyone who is currently facing despair in their life.

Whether that might be for money, health, or hardships in general.
You need to understand that you’re a result of millions of years of evolution.

You’re THE HOPE of your ancestors, even if that might not be of much importance in today’s society.

Understand that you either face and overcome life’s adversities or you die because of them.
Become the pillar of light that brings certainty into your loved ones life.

Even if you are dying inside. Even if you’re breaking down. Even if everything seems hopeless.


Don’t give in.

Shine the most amazing qualities a human being can have,
It will EVENTUALLY outweigh the bad.

Why You Should Be Accountable With Yourself.

Accountability, this strange and feared word has been giving nightmares to people all around the world.

But in reality, you should really stop with the unfounded fear.

Being accountable with yourself, others and what you do is actually a superpower, and a rare one at that, nowadays.

See, taking responsibility for something it’s not only a MARK of a trustworthy and respectable individual,
But it should be also your personal way of saying “i can handle this”.

It’s a thing that can enable you to set some standards and pillars for yourself and your life, something you can rely on when everything else seem to fail.

It’s a feeling that overwhelms you and speaks to your inner self and says :

“I can trust myself, i know that whatever trouble might come my way, i’ll deal with it – because i’m ME!”

That’s at least how i see it.

Have Some Fancy And Cozy Holidays, Will You?


‘Tis just a fairly laid back post to wish you all the best for this holidays’s season, whether you’ll be with family or alone please do me a solid and slip into your pajamas and brew some piping hot chocolate (or what’s best for ya) and take the time to BREATHE AND RELAX. And keep a shining smile on that face, just how i like it-and remember that things will get better if you just put the work in.

Personally i will be spending these holidays working, training (yeah because GAINZ) & with family. And if all goes well by the end of the month i will be sharing with you my finally completed Fitness and Fat Loss Guide, so…stay tuned for that! ;D

(And i will be enjoying playing some Death Stranding, too…yup.)

So as always,
Take care, and keep on bettering yourself. (AND GO READ SOME OF MY OLDER ARTICLES *COUGH COUGH*)


Only you know what is best for Yourself: The reason of holiday depression

As we’re approaching the holidays, a lot of people might go into the “holiday depression” mode. I know this because in the past i experienced it, too. The feeling of not feeling enough, thoughts along these lines: “Oh great, another year is ending and i still haven’t accomplished a fucking thing. Why am i even alive?” I get it, i really do.

I can’t give you a quick fix for this, because in order to be able to feel enough, you have to BE enough. And that doesn’t come automatically like some people want you to believe, it’s the hard cold truth, but it is what it is. And the only way you can ever hope to be enough is to put in the work, in whatever area of your life that is in desperate need of it. There is no way around it.

But that doesn’t mean that any kind of work will do the trick, you have to do the work that YOU think can help you. I’m saying this because maybe, like myself, you come from a very big family where things were forced on you so that you wouldn’t “bring shame” and things like that. And even though they might hammer those things on you without (or with) a bad intention, since that’s how it worked for them they think it’ll work for you, too. They genuinely want to help.

Unfortunately you are not them, and even though going your own way might bring temporary discord and discomfort among you-i can promise that everything will feel so much better afterwards. But you have to find the will to stand up for yourself.


Ultimately, even if that’s the case, you cannot shift the blame on others. So if you really hate your situation and hate this gnawing feeling of being useless weighing on your chest, you have to take responsibility for it and stop avoiding working on yourself, because that is the real issue. And feeling bad about this will not help you in any way, feeling sad during these times will only hinder you, the only thing to do is to accept what your current situation is, and-with a smile- PRESS ONWARD.

Sometimes you just have to Fall Back.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your mission.

It’s just a tactical retreat.
You might take it as a “loss” in the short-term view of things (and if you’re proud as i am), but it will do more good than bad to whatever you have going on.

It is not cowardly.

In life, whenever we set our eyes on some kind of prize-we tend to engage in autopilot mode, and while that has some advantages, we usually ignore the risk called monotony. We fall prey of certain behavior patterns that aren’t of use anymore even if they were at first.

And these kind of patterns prevents us from going forward. So we need to snap out of that autopilot mode and “pull” ourselves back, re-evaluate our direction and approach the matter in a new, fresh way.

But finding that new approach can be daunting and seem nowhere to be found, it’s a stalemate, an… artist’s block– so to speak.

What to do, then? while i can’t provide an ultimate solution for everything and everyone of you, i think and hope that my friend Marcus Aurelius can give you some inspiration for these dire times of yours:

“Regain your senses, call yourself back, and once again wake up.

Now that you realize that only dreams were troubling you, view this ‘reality’ as you view your dreams.”

And don’t you dare give up, because your dreams are closer than you think.


Did you know that a really low number of people make decisions that are fully made by themselves?

You may think that can’t be true, but most people find difficult staying true to themselves when it comes to choices and in life, and this happens mostly because they fall to the pressure of their peers, their family, friends or even strangers – in my book this is a symptom of a low\absent self-esteem and nonexistent beliefs.

Of course this could pass as a lack of decision-making skills, too! but as human beings and in society we are most aware when it comes to other’s judgment and the way they see us. Though this lack can be reconnected to a low self-esteem that comes by not having a clear direction or goal in life. Think at all the chances you may have missed for having temporized or stuttered when making a decision – be it for fear of other’s judgement or for not having the courage to throw yourself into something seemingly bigger than you.

“I could have my dream life right now… IF ONLY!

Yeah, right.
How about we start actually doing that?

I’ll give you an exercise:
The next time you happen to dine in a restaurant along with your spouse, parents, or a group of friends – try to be the first that knows what you’re going to eat, and when you can do that give yourself a pat on the back because you’re on the road to improvement. You can implement this kind of mindset even when you’re at the grocery store buying stuff for the week, or deciding which shortcut to take when going home, the possibilities are endless.

Of course this is just a warm up for the bigger decisions you will have to take in life, but the next time you have to take such action be prepared and sure on what to do so you won’t miss AGAIN the best chance at your disposal for whatever it’ll happen. And here i will share you on another little secret…

Be sure to have a dream.

Because when you do, you will see that most decisions in life will come automatically AND without regret because your subconscious mind will be choosing the best course of action to reach your dream.

Take care,